The New Physiocrats are a political-economic framework and certification body, which expands on the values of Georgism and the original Physiocracy movement. After a century-long hiatus on Georgism and Physiocracy advancement, we have finally updated it for the 21st century and the unique problems we now face.  We completely transcend left and right wing politics, nor are we any compromise between the two. We stand for natural fairness and justice, as opposed to artificially engineered outcomes that are imposed on us. We support every individual doing what they enjoy, and what they do best; respecting individuality, not equity of outcomes. We ensure that individuals are fully compensated for their efforts. We believe in maintaining & promoting the cultures, traditions, and architecture of each region, so that the world has variety for us to enjoy; yet to do so without harming the cultures of others. We guarantee dramatically rising purchasing power for all citizens with our program, not only through the vagaries of good policy, but through direct cash payments (via the Three Pillars and Sectoral Banks). With fascinating, innovative policies, we promise opportunities for all, not just a select few. We pledge to do so while simultaneously providing the absolute best environment for entrepreneurs and business, and while preserving and restoring our natural environment. We believe in eliminating waste and misuse of our physical space, so that we all have plenty to live in. We believe in maximizing our free leisure time, so that there is vastly more for everyone. We believe in long-term thinking, not only strictly short-term decision making. And what’s even more unique? We accomplish this through a series of automatic mechanisms that are built in to our new system, as opposed to tiresome bureaucracy and political squabbling.

This is not a platform that can be implemented in piecemeal. It is a sum of its parts. Each cog in the machinery of the platform interacts with the other. Remove one, and the others stop. Implement them all, and we will see our new, bright vision for the world, and for our lives, move forward apace.

The New Physiocrats advocate for a fair system. A shift in the tax burden to value produced by nature and society, and away from your labor. We believe it’s time to take back and amplify your earned income!